Q: What are the next shows and story prompts?

A: Check out our Events page!


Q: How can I perform?

A: Check out our Perform page!


Q: What is your criteria for performers?

A: ALL women, trans men, non-binary and genderqueer folks age 21 and over*, of all sizes, ethnicities, and abilities are welcome to submit their stories. Newcomers are always welcome, no experience necessary. Potential performers just need to go through the submission process and be available for rehearsal and the show.

*Note: Our regular venue is 21 and over, but on the occasion we have an all-ages event elsewhere, we’ll be sure to note that.


Q: I’m not an experienced writer/performer - does FST offer any assistance or support?

A: Absolutely! Check out our Perform page and feel free to email storytelling@fstorytellers.com with any questions or if you’d like early feedback on a story. We also hold a rehearsal before each show, where performers get to run through their story and get some feedback from the other performers. We’re committed to fostering a supportive environment for storytellers of all levels of experience.


Q: I don’t know if I want to perform, but I’d like to be involved. What can I do?

A: Above all, FST is a community. Come to the shows! Bring your friends! Talk to the storytellers and fellow audience members before/after the show! Occasionally we need volunteers to help us staff or publicize an event. If you’d like to do that, feel free to send us a message to our Facebook page, email info@fstorytellers.com, or introduce yourself to a FST board member at a show.


Q: Can I suggest a prompt?

A: Yes! Send a message to storytelling@fstorytellers.com. 


Q: Can I suggest an organization to be a beneficiary for a FST show?

A: Yes! Send a message to philanthropy@fstorytellers.com. 


Q: I heard you have a book out?

A: Sure do!